Edmonton on 13 September 1913

Cobh, on 07 May 1915

1 years, 7 months

Boarded Lusitania as 2nd class with her mother Charlotte to visit a relative in England. On May 7, 1915 Lusitania was struck by a torpedo from a German U-boat in the Mid-Atlantic ocean. Charlotte and Marjorie were having lunch when the second explosion hit. Both of them were scrambling up the decks, even though Charlotte was injured many times. A man gave her a life jacket. Even one too big for Marjorie. Charlotte managed to get on a lifeboat with her daughter. When the bow tilted it caused the lifeboats to capsize and many people that were in them to fall in the cold water. Marjorie gave a piercing scream as she and her mother fell in the water. The suction of the sinking caused them to be separated. Charlotte made it to surface and looked around and saw her child disappeared. Marjorie's body was recovered a few days later.


Alyssa McIntosh

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Alyssa McIntosh

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