Creating a Memorial on Behalf of Clients

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You can easily create memorials on behalf of your clients. Just follow this simple 4 step process:

– Step 1 –

You will be sent your funeral home admin login details. This will give you the power to create new users and create memorials on their behalf.


Use the details you have been sent to login to your client site:




– Step 2 –

Go to your dashboard and create a new user. This user is your client that will manage the memorial you’re setting up.



dashboard   create user





An email will not be sent to your client after you create their account. You will need to provide your client with the username and password that you create for them.

Here’s an explanation of each field:


Create User Page

– Step 3 –

Once you have created the user, you will see a prompt to create a memorial. You can also create a memorial directly from your dashboard.


Start creating the memorial for the deceased and from the perspective of your client. The first drop-down asks you to select the user that you would like to assign the memorial to (typically the one you just created).


There are only three required fields. However, the more information you add the better as this is likely to increase the interaction and engagement amongst clients.


Create a Memorial



– Step 4 –

All done. The memorial has been created and your client will be able to see it in their dashboard once they login. If you need any help along the way, please do get in touch.



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