California on 21 December 1964

In My Nightmare on 20 May 2014

49 years

i dreamt last night that my boyfriend finally killed me from the domestic violence,i remember feeling happy that i was on the beach in the bahamas,and somebody was carrying me,cause after feeling cold it was a man in white he was carrying me,my mind kept going back to closing my bloody eyes on steel bed,dr pronounced me dead,autopsy ordered,victim of dv,i kept trying to talk and say no im alive i hear you,hes back out on the rd,look at the text from richie,he wouldnt hit my head again,they turned out the light,somebody picked me up and dressed me,in a beautiful white dress,you have just been killed by your love,come to me child im taking you to your faviort place,the beach,my mind kept going back to the hospitial wondering wheres richie,than that no suffering,or pain came over me,i forgot all about richie who i ,cant remember,i can only feel my real inner beauty oh my i figured ooout those prints arnt mine jesus has been carring me down the beach,my memory of being murdered had faded ,im actually born to life now,but feeling a sence of loss still,i felt anger that a person got my world and made me come here alone,but i had no family i saved my daughter from my step dads son both pedifiles who hurt by brain washed my mom,i left richie to stay with his son,liar sugar daddying my lil girl around i found thosands of pixels,65 yrs old men 2 yr old babies,detectives for the internet crimes for children said i saved thousands of futures,including my own daughter from rape, please public help me never have to let this guy win i need funds to get a sm place and possibly a car,im very disabled,medical bills,i have p reports,recordings,any thing you ask for,just no death certif cause that dream i refer to as footprints will by the grace of the public not come true,please understand why i used this site and feel free to comment on what that dream meant for blessed please go to, and my self made website

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praise god none for now,unless hes serios and paid for that hit on my life,recordings with counselor

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christine metcalf

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