Liege on 29 June 1939

Oswiecim on 15 April 1944

4 years, 9 months

Albert and his older brother Marcel (13) were among 44 children Izieu, France. Their parents were interned at the camp in Rivesaltes. The two boys were able to leave the camp and go to the children's home in Izieu. Their mother, Roizel, was transferred from Rivesaltes to Drancy and deported on September 11, 1942, on convoy 31. Their father, Mosiek-Cham, was transferred from Rivesaltes to Gurs on February 26, 1943, from there to Drancy on March 2, 1943, and was deported two days later on convoy 50 to Madanek and Sobibor. The two brothers were deported to Auschwitz among other children from Izieu on April 13, 1944 and murdered in the gas chamber a couple days later.


Alyssa McIntosh

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Alyssa McIntosh

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