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What is an Eturnal Niche™

An Eturnal Columbarium™ 

An Eturnal columbarium™  is a structure designed to hold the cremated remains of individuals in niches or compartments.

An Eturnal Niche™ 

An Eturnal Niche™  is a compartment or space within an Eturnal columbarium™ or other structure that is designed to hold the cremated remains of a deceased individual.


Found at cemeteries, funeral homes, churches, mausoleums, and other structures designed for the interment of cremated remains.


Permanent resting place, a designated place for visitation and remembrance, protection from the elements, space efficiency, and potential cost savings compared to traditional burial options.


The cost of obtaining an Eturnal columbarium™ niche for an urn can include a purchase fee, installation fee, opening and closing fee, engraving fee, and maintenance fee, with costs varying depending on the location and specific columbarium chosen.

Plan a Cremation

Cost to Cremations

The cost of planning a cremation can include the cremation fee, cremation container fee, transportation fee, death certificate fee, urn or container fee, and optional services fee, with costs varying widely depending on the location and specific services selected.

Choosing a Provider

When choosing a cremation provider for a loved one, research and compare prices, read reviews, ask questions, check credentials, consider location, understand the process, and trust your instincts.

Final Resting Place

Options for storing an urn after cremation include columbarium niches, urn gardens, scattering, private residences, cremation jewelry, urn vaults, and mausoleums, with columbarium niches being a popular and practical option.

Cremation vs Burial

Reasons why someone might choose cremation as a means of disposition include personal preference, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, environmental considerations, religious or cultural beliefs, and personal beliefs about the afterlife.

There are several reasons why someone might choose traditional body burial as a means of disposition, including cultural or religious beliefs, a sense of permanence, family tradition, personal preference, and environmental considerations. Ultimately, the decision to choose traditional body burial over cremation is a personal one that should be based on individual beliefs and practical considerations.

Families Guide to Cremations and Choosing an Eturnal Niche™

    Download our comprehensive and practical resource for families navigating the difficult process of cremation and memorialization. This downloadable guide provides step-by-step guidance on the entire cremation process, from selecting a reputable provider to choosing a final resting place for your loved one. With a special emphasis on columbarium niches, this guide also includes detailed information on the benefits of this type of memorialization and the cost considerations involved. Whether you’re pre-planning or dealing with the loss of a loved one, “Families Guide to Cremations and Choosing an Eternal Niche” is a valuable resource to help you make informed decisions and honor the memory of your loved ones in a meaningful way.